who we are

Bright Star is a DMC company able to handle every aspect of travel: whether it is airline ticketing, hotel reservations, car rentals, emergency travel services, corporate travel management, or cargo services. In our day to day work environment, our goal is to operate all contracts with integrity, hard work, and creativity.

Bright star travel is an agency specializing in all kinds of tourism, was established in 1994, and is a licensed approved full brokerage in Jordan catering to the travel needs of major multinational corporations, prominent local Jordan firms, as well as an exclusive list of individual clients. The diversity of our clientele clearly reflects our superior knowledge and understanding of providing travel services to the complete range of market segments, including corporate mobilization and vacation travel.

Our Corporate Structure:
We ensure at all times that lines of authority are clear, and that any arising issues are resolved immediately to avoid potential operational difficulties. At each level of authority, our staff understands that their first mission is to provide service to the customer, efficiently and economically. When hiring, we place a great deal of emphasis on candidates’ customer service skills, in addition to the required technical skills.

Our strengths are:
•  Benchmark to evaluate performance against the market.
•  Proven account management program through high caliber professionals.
•  Structured implement plan to provide smooth transition to new suppliers.
•  Strategic supplier negotiations result in ‘real added value’ for the client.
Bright Star Expert in every aspect of the travel industry. 





We operate a variety of activity-based tours for our Groups and Individual tourists, Classic, Cultural,  adventure, conferences and incentives. We can guide you all throughout the middle eastern  countries, Holy Land ,Eygypt,  Lebnaon, and Turkey.

We have the personnel, equipment, materials, supervision & other related services necessary to perform the travel management services of corporate in Jordan and the surrounding region. We are equipped to support travel arrangements that vary to include business, leisure and emergency travel.