Posted on: Wed, 07/26/2023 - 14:34 By: editor

The shrine and tomb of the Prophet Joshua son of Nun, located near the city of Salt in Jordan, is a modern mosque where the tomb attributed to the Prophet Joshua son of Nun Prophet of Moses. The mausoleum is situated 25 km west of Amman on the outskirts of the city of Salt in Jordan, in a location overlooking the Jordan Valley, the West Bank mountains and the city of Jerusalem. The mausoleum dates back to the Ottoman Empire, and the mausoleum is more than 6 meters long and covered with green cloth. It was renovated and expanded in the reign of King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein. The new building includes a chapel for men, a women's room, a maqam room, a multipurpose hall, a library, a cafeteria, an Imam's residence, a muezzin, The total amount of this mosque is 580 thousand dinars.