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Jordan has a unique geography which give it’s climate a special weather.
Jordan borders are with, Israel (and the Palestinian National Authority Region), the Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. At 400 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea, in the northwest of Jordan, is the lowest point on earth and one of the country’s most distinctive features; the Red Sea, to which Jordan has a narrow access at Aqaba in the southwest, is teeming with life.

The River Jordan flows from lake of Tiberiad along jordan valley through into the Dead Sea,In the southern side of dead sea there are th Ghours area linked to Araba valley to Aqaba (the Red sea ) there are plans to build a canal – the Two Seas Canal (or the Dead-Red Canal) – that would link the Dead Sea to the Red Sea. Capital Amman located Over seven mountains and more above the Dead Sea Depression, at a height of 800 meters, surrounded to the north by undulating hills, Where you find Jala’ad mountains 700 meters and up to 1200 meters then down to Jadara city 300 meters at the northwestern side above Lake of Galeely and yarmouk valley; these are Decapolice area which goes along northern side borders with Syria and Houran fields, and by desert escarpments to the southeastern side on which graze the sheep and goat herds of nomadic tribes. to the southern area you cross the Mo’abiet & Edoumites mountains by the kings way through Al-Moujib and Al-Hassa calleys both started at more than 700 meters ended at dead sea area with many agricultural areas, then all the way to The red Rose City ( Petra) started at 1200 meters above sea level; one of the new seven wonders carved in the sand stone rocks of wadi Mousa ( Mouses ) and not far from Dana reserve started at 1600 meters above sea level ; Both are above wadi Araba where you find nice sand dunes desert the south western side started by the north west of Aqapa ended at the edge of Ghours valley which located at the southern side of dead sea so that area started by sea level continued down to dead sea.

Jordan’s northeastern flank is flat desert sprinkled with oases, while the spectacular southeastern desert is characterised by wind-eroded forms and brightly coloured sandstone cliffs famous by wadi Rum or the moon valley.

To have a Tricking Or Hiking tour in Jordan you are crossing the four seasons and the history of the Bible.
So we have prepared for you a proficiennal team to enjoy each site and view in addition to let you tasting it’s traditional life and the History of it.