Is It Safe to Travel to Jordan

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Has the Jordan FCO advice changed? No – the FCO guidance for Jordan continues as before – with not very many limited zones. The main area that the FCO as of now exhorts...

Best tourist places in jordan

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best tourist places in jordan Jordan involves one extraordinary cut-out of the Arabian Peninsula. Sandwiched between the more turbulent countries of challenged Palestine,...

5 Advices Before You Visit Jordan

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Before I get into our flights home, I needed to set aside some opportunity to go over travel tips for Jordan. I truly cherished our trek to Jordan, and it’s a goal...


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With its balmy winter climate and idyllic setting, Aqaba is Jordan’s year-round aquatic playground. In winter, while Amman shivers around 5ºC (41ºF), the temperature...

Wadi Rum

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Stunning in its natural beauty, Wadi Rum epitomizes the romance of the desert. With its “moonscape” of ancient valleys and towering sandstone mountains rising...

Hammamat Ma’in

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Hammamat  Ma’in (also called Zarqa Ma’in) is a series of natural hot springs and waterfalls with biblical connections, located between Madaba and the Dead Sea...